Wireless Temperature
Data Logging

Our app is so easy to use and provides a
perfect interface to communicate and
control products.

Smashtag temperature logger range

Temperature Range

Measures from -15°C to +65°C

Bluetooth Connectivity

Control and download via our app

64,000 recordings

Record up to 64,000 datapoints


Our phones are so easy to use and provide a perfect interface to communicate with other products. Bluetooth is the quickest and lowest power technology to connect to other devices and so it is the best choice for a simple to use temperature logger.

The Smashtag app is where you can set-up and download the loggers, add subscribers (receivers of your temperature information) and view historical temperature data.

Smashtag habitat with mobile app

IP68 Protection

We chose a casework for Smashtag Chill which was waterproof and very protective. We spoke to customers from a range of backgrounds and realised that to make our product as reliable as possible we needed a casework which could stand up to some harsh environments.

An IP68 rating means Smashtag can be used in water as deep as 1.5m. We don’t know of an application where the logger would be left at this pressure but it does mean the logger can withstand it if needed.

Extreme Environments

Smashtag Extreme is built to withstand outdoor conditions for long periods of time. With extended battery life the logger can record your 64,000 data points over 5 or more years.

Questions? Please let us know

There are a lot of temperature monitoring products on the market and we have designed ours to be as easy to use as possible but if you have any questions at all about whether Smashtag is best for your application please get in touch, we’d love to help if we can.