About Us

Our Story

Steve and I (Matt) started Smashtag in February 2018, having worked together for many years on numerous projects we thought we had come up with a pretty good product idea, a low cost wireless temperature logger.

After some market research we settled on a our product and began speaking to some potential customers and narrowed down what features were important.

Steve and I worked together for over 10 years in a company called Ziconix which we started in 2007. Over that time we developed our own services but mainly focused on helping other companies further develop their own products, usually adding wireless capability and would therefore involved developing a mobile app.

Our philisophy at Ziconix was:

“if you’re not solving somebody’s pain then your service isn’t worthy of their custom”.

We started this business to solve problems and make a better product than what was available on the market and we are confident we have that product. We run an honest business and tell our customers the truth, if we’ve got something wrong you’re the first to know and we want your honest feedback, (if it’s polite we can take it)

Why the name Smashtag? Long story short, our original product idea was for a shock monitor but after market research we refocused on temperature and since Steve had already come up with a good name, Smashtag stuck. We intend to revisit shock monitoring at some point but have other products in the pipeline.

Matt Sims

Co-founder & Managing Director

Steve Sims

Co-founder & Technical Director