About Us

We strive to provide our customers with their temperature information as quickly and easily as possible

The Company

Smashtag was started in 2018 with the combined experience of 30+ years in product development and wireless technologies. Having developed wireless sensors for scientific and industrial applications, measuring temperature, gases and electrical parameters, the company had the experience and knowledge to develop it’s own product and break into the market with wireless monitoring devices and sensors.

The People

Smashtag Ltd is a UK registered and based business and works with individuals and businesses large and small around the world. The only reason Smashtag and it’s products exist is because of the changing technology and markets and we are strong advocates of new ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit that has made the UK a strong technological force throughout the centuries. We support our staff and our local community, in these difficult times as much as we can.

The Products

Smashtag Chill was the first product in our line, we designed our first temperature data logger to be low cost and as easy to use as possible. We continue to work with customers on custom projects and help develop our own products and theirs to work in different environments and situations. Continuous improvement is the answer to a fast changing world and by adopting agile product development we are able to move quickly to keep the products up-to-date with the needs of our customers.

We use highly accurate silicon temperature sensors in our products and each logger is individually tested to -20°C and calibrated using a UKAS thermometer to ensure the highest quality temperature monitoring possible.

We proudly manufacture Smashtag temperature loggers in the UK and work with partners in Scotland and England to bring everything together.

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Our Customers

Our customers range from individuals wanting to monitor a freezer or greenhouse to large businesses shipping fresh and frozen products around the world in shipping containers. Our product has to be reliable and easy to use by anyone without training and quickly.

The physical product of Smashtag Chill has to have a long battery life and withstand some extreme conditions but it’s the temperature information which is critical. We focus on your temperature information being quick to download and secure by using hashed encryption so that you can be sure it is exactly as it was recorded by the logger.