Pharmaceutical Temperature Loggers

Temperature monitoring of Pharmaceutical Shipments using Wireless Temperature Data Loggers

Most Pharmaceuticals are temperature sensitive and it is vital that during shipment and storage they do not exceed the manufacturers specifications. If this is not assured, the product may lose its efficacy. Everyone in the logistics chain from the manufacturer to the staff in the Pharmacy is responsible to ensure that the product supplied to the patient is both safe and effective. There are monitoring devices which have pre-set thresholds which if exceeded will alert the recipient of a shipment that the specifications have been exceeded but this only provides the very basic information about the shipment and how it has been handled. A temperature logger will however provide much more data for everyone involved in the logistics chain to ensure that their processes are well inside the requirements for success. It will also alert them if they are close to failing to meet the product requirements. In this way, valuable shipments which may even be vital to saving lives, can best be protected. Of even more value, is when a wireless temperature data logger is included with the shipment, particularly if it can be simply interrogated using an App on any Smart device. Smashtag Chill offers this capability. It can be interrogated at any stage of shipping and storage by anyone in the chain whilst maintaining absolute security of the data in the Cloud . In this way each partner can be sure that they are meeting the requirements for success.