Vaccine Monitoring Temperature Loggers

Monitoring vaccine temperature

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that during shipping and storage of vaccines they should be maintained according to the manufacturers’ recommended temperature range of +2 to +8°C until the vaccine is administered. Failure to do this can seriously affect the vaccine and result in products being wasted or patients not provided with the protection they expect or even harmed. Only the use of monitoring devices kept with the vaccine packages can assure this as storage devices such as fridges may be incorrectly set or be faulty.

Temperature Data Loggers for Vaccines

Temperature data loggers provide the answer as to how the temperature of the vaccine can be continuously monitored and recorded to provide everyone in the cold chain with the assurance that requirements have been met from the manufacturer to the nurse administering the dose. Temperature data loggers, like the Smashtag Chill, with wireless connectivity to any smart device such as a low cost Smartphone can provide the essential data to everyone in the logistics chain through the free App. The loggers should be calibrated against a known standard and all Smashtag loggers are calibrated against ??? when manufactures.