Bluetooth Temperature Loggers

What is a Bluetooth temperature logger?

A temperature logger with Bluetooth wireless connectivity is one which can interact with most mobile devices such as smartphones to stream the recorded data to the cloud and allow the user to set logging parameters such as logging frequency or alarm levels.

Where are Bluetooth temperature loggers used?

Loggers in general are used to monitor environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity in which products are used or stored, energy usage or physical interactions etc. Bluetooth temperature loggers have the advantage that they can be interrogated universally by many users in a logistics chain for example who only require to have a standard smart device with the appropriate app installed. 

What is the range of a Bluetooth signal?

In free space Bluetooth devices can communicate with each other as much as 20m? Apart but in built environments this is more typically a few metres. Our tests have shown for example that Bluetooth signals can be received a metre or so outside of a metal shipping container.

How does Bluetooth compare to Wi-Fi or Cellular?

Both Wi-Fi and Cellular communications require higher peak power levels than Bluetooth and therefore require heavier, more expensive batteries for portable devices for the same lifetime. They are also more expensive technologies to implement and in the case of Cellular require an ongoing contract with a supplier to support the service making them more suited to specialist applications such as continuous real-time logging.

Why are wireless temperature loggers better?

Unlike USB temperature loggers that have to be plugged into a PC or specialist reader to download the data, Wireless temperature loggers can upload their data to a smart device and upload to the cloud without the need to physically touch them. They can therefore be read, for example, from outside a shipping container by several people in a supply chain as the container  moves on its way.

As has been mentioned already they can be interrogated without the need for physically touching them but it also means they can be totally sealed from the physical environment as they do not require any physical access to them Smashtag Chill loggers come as standard with IP 68 protection, making them suitable for use in very harsh environmental conditions.

We believe that the Smashtag Chill provides the best combination of performance, cost and package flexibility for a very wide range of applications.

Yes, but the Smashtag app is freely available from the Apple app store or Play Store for Android devices.

To some extent it depends upon the conditions in which it is used. At low temperatures or if the logging frequency time is very short, battery life is reduced somewhat. Smashtag loggers will last at least 4 months even in harsh conditions but can last over a year.

Bluetooth technology is used throughout our daily lives, in our homes, cars and offices for controlling things, streaming audio and security. It is also the only wireless technology that is truly global.

This depends on the manufacturer. Smashtags are individually calibrated against a UKAS thermometer to ensure the logger is performing accurately.

What capacity do Bluetooth data loggers have? Again this depends upon the manufacturer but Smashtags have one of the highest memory capacities of low cost loggers at 64000 data points/rows.