USB Temperature Loggers

USB Data loggers are very simple to use. The data is easily extracted data onto a computer without a custom interface. They can be very small and lower cost than wireless devices and will also often have a longer battery life as they do not have to “wake up” to identify if a host device is wanting to communicate to download data. They only transfer data when physically plugged into a computer or custom reader. If a standard PC is used then a custom programme to access the data and display/edit the data is required. USB Data Loggers cannot therefore be plugged directly into smart devices, as these do not have standard USB connectivity.

As low-cost devices, they are usually disposable but like all electronic devices they should be disposed of correctly in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. The USB connector has to be protected from moisture damage and is therefore supplied with this protection. However, for download the connector has to be open and so USB Data Loggers cannot usually be used in the most extreme environments, where wireless devices are superior.