Pharmaceutical & Life Science

Drugs, vaccines, biologics and other products can be very sensitive to temperature and dangerous for use if exceeded. The problem is that the product can look identical to the naked eye whether it has been damaged by temperature or not.

Fresh Produce

Fresh produce such as fruit can deteriorate significantly if not kept within a narrow temperature band and some items don’t look any different when they arrive, it’s only after they’re delivered to your customers do you find out they’ve been damaged with shorter shelf life and affected taste or texture.

Frozen Foods

Your produce will be sent via trucks and in accordance with the guidelines from the British Frozen Food Federation, Smashtag Chill can provide valuable safeguards.

Refined Foodstuffs

Temperature sensitive products such as chocolate, wine or cheese are shipped all around the world and depending on how it’s transported can encounter high and low temperatures.

Questions? Please let us know

There are a lot of temperature monitoring products on the market and we have designed ours to be as easy to use as possible but if you have any questions at all about whether Smashtag is best for your application please get in touch, we’d love to help if we can.