Temperature Data Logger for Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Drugs, vaccines, biologics and other products can be very sensitive to temperature and dangerous for use if exceeded. The problem is that the product can look identical to the naked  eye whether it has been damaged by temperature or not. Legislation dictates that there must be digital and or chemical indicators on these products to protect the general public but chemical indicators cannot tell you where the temperature was exceeded and digital recorders can be time consuming to use and expensive.

pharmaceutical temperature data logger

Smashtag Chill is a low-cost, wireless temperature monitor which stores the data in the cloud which can be shared with whomever needs to see it. It provides peace of mind and a quick method to protect your business and its products from temperature damaged goods being used and causing harm or being ineffective.

For pharmaceuticals, the information needs to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Additional requirements might well include 7 year data archiving and FDA, EU GDP and GAMP Regulations as well as global support. By using Cloud-based data storage, Smashtag Chill provides excellent levels of data security and longevity.

Questions? Please let us know

There are a lot of temperature monitoring products on the market and we have designed ours to be as easy to use as possible but if you have any questions at all about whether Smashtag is best for your application please get in touch, we’d love to help if we can.