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Temperature Data Logger Product Support


The Smashtag Reader mobile application has been made as simple as we currently can and uses Bluetooth® to connect to any Smashtag automatically when in range and the Smashtag’s button is pressed.

However there may be situations where the tag fails to operate and so there are some things to check:

  1. Ensure that, on your phone or tablet, Bluetooth® is switched on and that your device isn’t in “Airplane Mode”
  2. Ensure that once you’ve pressed the button on the Smashtag that its red light is flashing quickly at a rate of about once per second; this indicates that Bluetooth is active for the next 60 seconds; if it isn’t then the batteries may have expired and the tag will have to be returned to us for reading
  3. Ensure that, in order for data to be sent up to the Cloud, that your iPhone or iPad has internet connectivity
How do I use the Smashtag?Smashtags arrive with you in a low power idle state. All that’s required to start them logging is to press the red button marked on the label. You’ll see the red light flash quickly for 1 minute which indicates that the Smashtag is now logging and Bluetooth® has been activated for that time.
Should I peel the film lid off?No please don’t! Smashtags have dual design purposes of being hermetically sealed and as low cost as we can reasonably build them. As such, standard packaging materials and technologies have been used in their design and manufacture which is why the casework actually looks like packaging.
What does it mean when the red light is flashing about once every 3 seconds?The slow flashing of the red light indicates that either an over or under temperature alarm has occurred. Smashtags are purchased with an alarm profile programmed into them that is relevant to the type of freight or item that they are designed to monitor. If the temperature reaches either above the upper limit or below the lower limit for the programmed period of time then the light will flash to provide an early warning to the recipient that they should use the mobile app to retrieve the data from the tag for further analysis and to check the monitored freight for temperature induced damage.
My freight is refrigerated but it takes several hours for the container to reach temperature, will the red light alarm activate prematurely?It shouldn’t do; Smashtags are designed to wait until the temperature falls into what we call the Goldilocks (“not too hot, not too cold but just right”) band of temperatures before activating the temperature alarm. If afterwards the temperature travels outside of the alarm limits only then will the red light start to flash once every 3 seconds. Of course it could be that, due to a fault or misconfiguration of your refrigeration unit, the temperature never falls within this band and so the Goldilocks arming period will expire after a period of time even if the temperature has not fallen within limits and the red light alarm flash will trigger.
My freight is likely to exceed the temperature alarm limit for a short period, will the alarm trigger?Smashtag’s alarm criteria include both the temperature limit to be exceeded and the consecutive period that the excursion lasts for as temperature induced damage is generally a product of both of these. These criteria are programmed in at the time the tags are ordered. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
I forgot to press the button before my freight was dispatched, will I still be able to get temperature data?Yes don’t worry, Smashtags are always logging temperature at a reduced frequency from the moment that they’re calibrated and tested at our production facility to cater for this exact issue. You’ll therefore be sent temperature data from your Smashtag’s birthday onwards and so you’ll have to do a bit of digging to find the appropriate temperature logs for your freight’s journey.
How long will my Smashtag last?Smashtags are designed to record data until either 64,000 readings have been logged or the battery runs flat. The tag is designed to last for at least 45 days after sitting on a shelf for 12 months. The red alarm light consumes most of the power and so if this hasn’t been triggered, the tag will run for longer. Therefore if you want a Smashtag to last the longest you can specify no alarm limits when you order.
Can I replace the batteries in my Smashtag?No sorry, the batteries inside Smashtag are only designed to be inserted at production time by our team. Besides the fact that you have to break the hermetically sealed casework, this would reset the software and clock wiping its date and time and stopping it from logging any more readings.
Can I re-use my Smashtag?Smashtags are designed to log until their battery expires or their memory has recorded 64,000 temperature points and so you can absolutely re-use them on multiple journeys until either of these limits have been reached. In order to keep operation simple and prevent accidental or malicious deletion of data, we decided early on in our design phase that Smashtags couldn’t be stopped, erased and restarted.
Can I recycle Smashtags?Yes! Please contact us so that we can arrange to ship back your Smashtags. They have been designed with recyclability and relatively low environmental impact in mind. The cells used are zinc-manganese alkaline which are both lead and mercury free as opposed to the more environmentally damaging Lithium type and the electronics are designed so that we can recalibrate, retest, reprogram and remanufacture them into new Smashtags.
Can I read my Smashtag at various points along the journey?Yes. The Smashtag is designed to be read by many different people along its journey so that for example it can be checked by your dispatch QA team, your logistic partner’s warehouse and your customer. At each point the data will be saved up to the cloud and sent to you.
Who gets notified when my Smashtag is read?By default, just you will be e-mailed a CSV spreadsheet containing the data whenever your Smashtag is read by somebody at the e-mail address given to our team at the time it was purchased. Other “subscribers” to your tag’s information can be designated such as your end customer or your QA team by contacting us. In the future, you’ll be able to do this manually from your web console.
Can I see my data on the Web?We’re working hard to bring you a web console; please stay in touch and we’ll let you know when this is available.
Do I need a username or password to use the Mobile Application?No, Individual Smashtags are linked to their owner’s account when they’re ordered from us and regardless of who uses the mobile application to download the data from the Smashtag, the owner and any owner designated subscribers are notified automatically of the data.
How can I trust that nobody’s altered the tag’s temperature data?The Smashtag’s temperature data is digitally signed before being sent over Bluetooth® to the mobile app using a secret key known only to the individual tag and our cloud based server. If any data were changed between the tag and the server then the upload to the cloud would be rejected.
Can I still get my data if the battery has gone flat?Smashtag’s store their data safely in memory that retains its data even if the batteries have run flat. In this instance, the tag will detect that its battery is nearly flat and go into a hibernation mode whereby it shuts down everything that it doesn’t require but Bluetooth® can still be activated by pressing the button to retrieve data using the mobile application.