Temperature Data Logger Product Support


The Smashtag Reader mobile application has been made as simple as we currently can and uses Bluetooth® to connect to any Smashtag automatically when in range and the Smashtag’s button is pressed.

However there may be situations where the tag fails to operate and so there are some things to check:

  1. Ensure that, on your phone or tablet, Bluetooth® is switched on and that your device isn’t in “Airplane Mode”
  2. Ensure that once you’ve pressed the button on the Smashtag that its red light is flashing quickly at a rate of about once per second; this indicates that Bluetooth is active for the next 60 seconds; if it isn’t then the batteries may have expired and the tag will have to be returned to us for reading
  3. Ensure that, in order for data to be sent up to the Cloud, that your iPhone or iPad has internet connectivity

Simply download and open the Smashtag app, either by searching 'Smashtag' on your phones app store or by scanning the QR code on the front of any logger. You can then view any Smashtag which is turned on (logging) that you're close to or you can press the button on any Smashtag to start it logging

Everytime you press the button on the logger, if the batteries have power, the red light will flash, this means that the logger is communicating over Bluetooth. If the logger was already logging, it doesn't change anything, however if it was turned off and asleep then it is now awake and you have started a new recording. If you did this by mistake, you can turn the logger off from within the app.

If you pressed the button on a Smashtag but didn't want to start it logging, don't panic, you can turn off the logger by having the app open and selecting the logger on screen and pressing the 'power' button. The app will then tell you to press the button on the logger to turn it off, this is to make sure the app is turning off the correct logger.

Smashtag Chill loggers will last 12 months in storage and at least 6 months in normal operation. The colder it gets the shorter it will last but we guarantee they can last at least 3 months at the coldest temperature extreme.

Smashtag Chill loggers are heat-sealed in a strong plastic casework, this allows us to provide IP68 protection meaning the logger can be used down below 1.5m underwater.

Because of the heat-sealed casework it is not currently possible to replace the batteries in the Smashtag logger

Yes, Smashtag can be re-used as many times as you like, stop and start recordings as often as you need to.

As soon as you download a Smashtag to your phone with the app, you can view the data on a chart, on your mobile. Also, when the temperature information is downloaded to your phone it is sent up to our cloud servers in the background, usually within a few seconds if your phone is connected to the internet, at this point it is also possible to view your data on the internet via a dedicated page for your logger.

Smashtag loggers are downloaded very easily, all you need is the mobile app installed on either an Android or iOS device and open, if the Smashtag is logging and is within range, usually 20m inside, the Smashtag will appear on the screen and you can tap on it to view the temperature information.

Smashtag loggers use encryption when downloading the data from the logger and the phone and up to our cloud servers. It is not possible to alter the temperature data, if it has, it fail our tests when downloading and we will know there is a problem.

Smashtag loggers use alkaline batteries which means they are more environmentally friendly than litiums and do not carry any electrical risks.

Yes! Please contact us so that we can arrange to ship back your Smashtags. They have been designed with recyclability and relatively low environmental impact in mind. The cells used are zinc-manganese alkaline which are both lead and mercury free as opposed to the more environmentally damaging Lithium type and the electronics are designed so that we can recalibrate, retest, reprogram and remanufacture them into new Smashtags.

Smashtag’s store their data safely in memory that retains its data even if the batteries have run flat. In this instance, the tag will detect that its battery is nearly flat and go into a hibernation mode whereby it shuts down everything that it doesn’t require but Bluetooth® can still be activated by pressing the button to retrieve data using the mobile application.