Why Our Temperature Data Loggers Do Not Have USB Connector?

Cyber security is a growing concern of businesses and individuals alike. The dangers of software and systems being targeted that are vital for the running of an organisation with the potential for personal data and intellectual property to be stolen mean that the concern is certainly warranted.

Many cyber security companies are now advising that companies ban the use of USB devices as these often represent the easiest way to access devices connected to a network. The small USB memory sticks that replaced my stack of CD’s actually have a big problem, viruses and other malware could be loaded onto them without me knowing.

In 2018 IBM banned it’s staff from using portable plug-in devices to reduce the risk from cyber attacks. The debate continues as to whether this is completely enforceable and what impact it has to productivity and work habits however it is a simple way to close a very open security door.

We made the decision not to have a USB connector on the Smashtag temperature logger for security, environmental robustness and ease-of-use reasons. In the pharmaceutical industry in particular, security of intellectual property is vital for keeping a competitive edge and for our other customers, security must be a priority, as our lives and businesses run on computer systems.