Smashtag integrates with LINKFRESH

Smashtag integration with Linkfresh

Smashtag which manufactures a Bluetooth temperature logger for temperature monitoring sensitive products through the cold chain industry has teamed up with LINKFRESH, the leading global provider of supply chain ERP solutions for the fresh produce industry.
Smashtag has recently launched its low cost wireless temperature logger, ‘Chill’ which uses Bluetooth to download the recorded temperatures to a smartphone, making it much easier for customers to get their temperature data back securely without expensive custom radio equipment.

The partnership with LINKFRESH will allow customers to integrate the recorded temperature data directly from Smashtag Chill into their ERP system.  The temperature data can then be attached to the appropriate consignment, quality control or traceability record and enable rapid identification of any shipment at risk of temperature damage, as well as building a complete traceability picture for that shipment.

Matt Sims, Smashtag MD says “It’s great to find a local partner where we can maximise the usefulness of shipping temperature data with a customer’s internal ERP system. We know that linking both systems will be of great benefit to customers, reducing the time and effort required to ensure the highest quality of products.”

Richard Jones CIO at LINKFRESH says, ”At LINKFRESH we are always looking for ways to innovate and increase the value of data to our customers.  For many years LINKFRESH has electronically captured traceability data throughout the fresh produce supply chain; this partnership with Smashtag adds another dimension to the data.  We are very excited about the possibilities the partnership with Smashtag will provide.”

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