Smashtag Launches a Range of Temperature Data Loggers

Smashtag temperature logger range

Smashtag has launched a range of wireless Bluetooth temperature data loggers to complement its low cost temperature logger ‘Chill’ and now offers devices suited to more applications and environments. Smashtag Chill is still its leading product and this has also been enhanced by updated Apps for both Android and iOS which provide a full service system to users. The new App means that the tags are always transmitting and can be read by any device within radio range with the App installed and open. This means that anyone for example  in the cold chain, can interrogate the tags, but the data is then automatically transmitted to the cloud and can only be viewed securely by the authorised users. This means that all parties can check that their responsibilities have been fulfilled, before passing over shipments to the next link in the chain. Tests have shown that tags can be read from outside steel containers for example, without the need to open them and break the security seals. The App is free to download from the Apple store and Google Playstore.

The range has been developed to meet the needs of other users that have requested different packages and specifications. A larger rugged device, Extreme, with suitable lithium batteries offers -30°C performance and a 5 year lifetime. Essential is more consumer focussed and is being used in greenhouses, fridges and ambient room monitoring. Extensive testing has shown that continuous -30°C operation can be  achieved and although many devices claim this, tests have shown that many battery chemistries, including lithium button cells, fail very rapidly under long term exposure at low temperatures.

The “Chill” was launched in April 2019 and the extended product range is the next big part of the Smashtag system. Matt Sims, MD says, “We’re constantly developing our products and system to improve the experience and make it easier than ever for our customers to use. We have been surprised by the range of applications that customers are using the loggers for and the range has been developed in response to customer requests. The loggers can be purchased directly from the company’s website or from Amazon.

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