What Are The Questions To Ask When Buying A Temperature Logger?

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A temperature logger is a high-tech instrument that can record temperature data over a set period of time.

If you’re a business owner who sells time-sensitive products, you will want to use the best data logger in the field. That’s where Smashtag Ltd comes in. We’ve come up with a wireless temperature logging device that’s efficient, accurate, and easy to use.

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Data Recording and Storage

How often does a temperature data logger record data?

In a nutshell, our temperature loggers collect the environmental temperature data for the area in which your products are stored. They allow remote access to these data, which means you won’t have to physically be present at that location in order to collect the information you need. What’s more, our temperature data loggers can easily upload the gathered information to any mobile device or computer.

Our Smashtag Chill temperature data logger can detect and record temperature every 10 minutes. You can also program it to record data by the minute, though this can take up more energy and lead to a shorter battery life.

How will the Smashtag Chill keep recorded data?

How can you access data recorded by the Smashtag Chill?

Our temperature data logger can be useful in many ways other than simple temperature monitoring. For example, the data that it has stored over time can reveal critical flaws or benefits in your storing or shipping processes. This allows you to monitor data over the longer term to find ways to help your business improve its operations.

We’ve designed our temperature sensor logger to store information for a significant period – long enough to establish and reveal patterns – before it’s automatically deleted. The Smashtag Chill in particular is able to store data for 60 days.

The beauty of a temperature data logger is that it allows you to monitor temperature without requiring you to physically stand in a specific area and log the temperature yourself. How, then, do you access this information?

Downloading and accessing data is easy with the Smashtag Chill and its mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can also download the data into a computer via Bluetooth. That data can be viewed and shared using a computer.

The Importance of Accuracy

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Typically, measuring devices work within a certain margin of error. They don’t provide exact measurements; rather, certain measurements are actually the best estimates and the closest approximations of the exact and actual figure. However, in most cases, these measurements are acceptable and workable, given the small margin of error.

On average, the Smashtag Chill works with a margin of error of ±0.5°C, but this can change depending on a few factors. If certain spots in an area have different temperatures, this can affect the reading. A single package can also have different temperature at certain points; for example, the temperature could be higher or lower on the outside of the shipment compared to at its centre.

To work around this, you can place multiple Smashtag Chill tags in different spots. This can help solve the problem, and because the tags are small and thin, they don’t take up much space at all, nor do they add to the overall weight of your cargo.

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Cost Saving Benefits

A Bluetooth temperature logger can benefit your operation in many different ways. However, one of the most impressive benefits is that it can help cut down on costs. For instance, you’ll be able to monitor your products, take appropriate steps, strategise, and implement solutions based on hard environmental data. And that can also help improve the efficiency of your operation.

Additionally, devices like this don’t require much manpower. You can easily download, view, and share data using the Smashtag Ltd app or platform, saving both time and labour.

Versatility and Compatibility with Various Industries

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    Temperature can affect a wide variety of products and materials which, because of this, need close monitoring, especially while in transit or storage. Being able to record the ambient temperature is an important factor for many industries.

  • Shipping: Generally, a wireless temperature logger is highly beneficial in shipping because it allows remote monitoring when various shipments are at different points around the globe. The Smashtag Chill in particular is designed to avoid expensive radio communication problems that can come with other temperature logging devices.
  • Pharmaceutical: Medication, vaccines, and the like are often sensitive to temperature and temperature changes. If they exceed certain temperature parameters, they may become less effective or even dangerous to use. Temperature monitoring can therefore help ensure the quality of these products, which in turn helps ensure the health and safety of those that need them.
  • Food Production and Storage:

    Food can be very sensitive to temperature changes. Monitoring the temperature of your products is paramount, as storing foodstuffs at the wrong temperature can turn perfectly edible food to a pile of rotting waste that needs to be disposed of. And that can cost your business significant amounts of profit.

    Fresh produce is particularly sensitive to temperature changes and may deteriorate in quality if temperatures exceed a narrow margin. This can complicate shipping and delivery, not least because the damage doesn’t become apparent until the shipment has been delivered to the customer.

    This can be an issue with frozen food products as well. What’s worse, though, is that frozen foods may not visibly show signs of thawing. With temperature data logger monitoring, businesses will be able to see if their products have been kept at the right temperatures throughout shipping.

    The same is true for products like wine, chocolate, and other similar items. Because of the products’ packaging, certain types of damage due to temperature changes will not be visible until an end-consumer actually tastes the product. Having a temperature data logger will help protect these products from getting spoiled – and protect your company’s reputation too.

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Easy, Accurate and Reliable Temperature Monitoring

You won’t always be able to keep a close eye on the temperature of a product or package throughout its journey from manufacture to end sales, for instance. That can be an issue in certain situations. However, with the use of an instrument that not only senses temperature but also records it and makes it easier to access remotely, you’ll be able to cut down on operational costs, improve your business’ efficiency, and more.

At Smashtag Ltd we help businesses stay on top of their logistics and operations. By taking the proper precautions and putting efficient monitoring practices in place, you’ll be able to maintain customer trust and satisfaction in your products. Call us today on 01223 881881 or fill in our online contact form at https://smashtag.global/contact/.

Frequently Asked Questions

Temperature loggers in the UK are electronic devices that are usually battery powered and designed to house several measurements. They accept one or more sensor inputs, and will sample and save data at time intervals which can be pre-set by the user. After measurements are taken, the data acquired can be transferred to the computer for analysis. When its work is done, a temperature data logger can be recovered for future use.

Data loggers, of which a digital temperature logger is one particular type, can be used to record data in a wide range of situations, such as measuring wind speed, the temperature of refrigerated storage containers, the flow rates at pumping stations, and a lot more. Many organisations and businesses use them to record conditions over a certain period of time to improve the quality of their products, to enhance research findings, and more.

Using a temperature data logger is far more efficient and reliable than using manual measurement tools, such as thermometer, timer, pen and paper. For instance, taking periodic measuring and recording of changes in a centrally heated room using a thermometer can be inaccurate due to fluctuations in temperature, not to mention inconvenient to operate, as an individual must be present and reliable for the temperature readings to take place.

This is an electronic device which measures environmental temperatures and converts the recorded data into electronic data to keep track of changes in temperature over a period of time. These devices come in a wide range of types and makes.

Data logging is the collection of data over a certain period of time. Often, it’s used for scientific experiments as it can monitor processes through sensors connected to computers. The majority of data loggings can be done automatically.

A temperature sensor is an effective climate indicator that can be used in a huge number of different scenarios, such as HVAC environmental control, chemical handling, food processing, medical devices, and as an under-the-bonnet monitor in the automotive industry for air intake, cylinder head temperatures, coolant, and so on.

A temperature sensor logger can allow you to identify any physical changes in the temperature of a system or object by measuring the level of heat or cold energy generated by either analogue or digital output. It can take readings from solid, liquid, or gas objects.

If you want to keep track of the temperature at home while you are out, for instance, follow these steps:

  • Ensure there is an active Wi-Fi connection in the location.
  • Acquire a Wi-Fi temperature and humidity indicator.
  • Install the application on your mobile phone or computer.

When a cold and warmth recorder is activated, it is usually left on the scene to carry out measuring and recording of temperature data within a required period. As a result, it can produce more accurate and comprehensive data of the environmental conditions, such as relative humidity and air temperature.

Using data loggers allows anyone to measure and analyse temperatures in a remote location – no matter how far they are physically from the goods being monitored. Moreover, a data logger allows a higher data density and provides better quality data than manual recording.

The Benefits Of Using Temperature Logger

A data logger can have a great impact on your business, especially if you work in the food or pharmaceutical industries. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Improves Quality Control. This device and associated technology can enhance the quality control of products and processes, and even of the data analysis itself.
  • Increase Productivity. Due to its consistency in recording readings easier and faster, industries can benefit from improved productivity rates.

Forecast Growth on Using Temperature Data Logger

Nowadays, the majority of industries rely on temperature data loggers to monitor the exposure of their products to temperature conditions. This includes, as examples, medical devices such as sterilised surgical instruments in an autoclave, foodstuffs being processed and more. Using cutting edge software, manufacturers can expect an increase in sales as well as getting ahead of the competition.

There are a wide variety of temperature data loggers on the market today, available in numerous types and versions. Some of the most popular are wireless data loggers for temperature readings Due to their portable and easy to use features, more and more businesses are taking advantage of these for real-time and seamless data recording, as well as analysis.

Points To Understand Before Using A Data Logger

If you are planning to use a data logger to record and monitor temperatures in business in business settings, or even at home, here are two essential definitions you should learn first:

  • Sensors. These are electrical transducers that can detect the physical quantity and qualities of the matter being monitored. This might include the temperature, loudness of sound, voltage, current, and more. Sensors are often connected to a computer and transfer the data automatically after collection.
  • Sample rate. This is the frequency with which measurements are taken. For example, a sample rate of 50 Hz would mean that a measurement reading is being taken every 0.02s (in other words, 50 readings a second).

Benefits Of Using Desktop-Based Temperature Logger

These are a few of the benefits of using desktop-based loggers temperature technology:

  • Real-time visualisation. In the past, data loggers only allowed manual exporting of data from the device to the PC. The modern PC-based devices can now easily download the data through communication routes. When the data reaches the computer, it is fed into a spreadsheet to give an easy means of data analysis.
  • In-line analysis. A PC-based cold indicator performs signal conditioning and data analysis as soon as the recording is done. The analysis software even includes the ability to carry out quite complex statistical calculations like curve fitting, integration, and more.
  • User-defined function. You can easily customise this software to meet your specific needs. This includes adding data displays, alarms, logging conditions, and other tools to the basic logging function.

Here Is How You Can Save Money By Using Data Loggers

This is how temperature data logger wireless technology can help businesses save money

  • Provides remote notifications and alarms via emails and text messages, averting crisis situations
  • Can trigger actions from external events like PLC, SCADA
  • Can measure several sensor types with just one device
  • The stand-alone software can log on by itself
  • Measures productivity rates of workers and machines weekly, monthly, or by the shift
  • Collates data from industrial processes. For instance, using temperature data can enhance the quality of heat-treatment procedures by creating temperature profiles.

Using the best climate indicator on the market can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business processes. Browse our website to find out more.

Questions? Please let us know

There are a lot of temperature monitoring products on the market and we have designed ours to be as easy to use as possible but if you have any questions at all about whether Smashtag is best for your application please get in touch, we’d love to help if we can.