Weatherproof and Waterproof Temperature Data Logger

The Smashtag Chill casework is heat sealed and creates an air and water tight seal between the clear plastic cover and the body of the casework meaning the electronics are completely waterproof.

How is Smashtag tested

We have tested Smashtag Chill loggers down to a depth of 1.5m in our test rig but the type of casework used will allow the product to be submerged much lower than that, most likely beyond 10m or a pressure of

What is an IP rating?

IP (Ingress Protection) rating is an international standard for testing a products ability to withstand dust and water ingress. Basically, how waterproof or dustproof it is.

The first number in an IP rating states how dustproof it is, with 6 being the highest and meaning there is “No ingress of dust”. It goes without saying that if dust cannot get in then water will have a hard time as well but how much water and at what pressure can it withstand is determined by the second number. IP68 is usually the highest rating you will find on most ‘waterproof’ products but IP69 does exist and the difference is that ‘8’ means the product can withstand upto 1 meter of emmersion for a prolonged period of time and ‘9’ means the product can withstand the same as ‘8’ but also a high pressure jet of water.

Smashtag has an IP68 rating as it can withstand water depths of greater than 1m and we have tested it at 1.5m for 24 hours with no leaks (ingress).

Weatherproof vs Waterproof

The difference between weatherproof and waterproof is that weatherproof implies the product is waterproof and can also withstand extreme temperatures from the outside as well as some level of physical abuse for prolonged periods of time, perhaps months.

Weatherproof products would most commonly be environmental monitoring devices such as temperature sensors and loggers designed to be left outside either in a river, or other location for months at a time to gather data on the changing seasons and environment perhaps for climate change research.